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The Impact of Poor Sleep among Police Officers & Shift Workers

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The prevalence of chronic insomnia among Police Officers is 55%, which is 3x the average prevalence of the population.

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What can you expect?

By the end of this presentation you will be able to understand:

  • Sleep disorders' impact on physical and mental health
  • The prevalence of chronic insomnia in law enforcement
  • Health and safety risks related to insomnia
  • Causes and distinctions of severe vs. chronic insomnia
  • The pandemic's impact on sleep quality
  • Strategies for shift workers
  • Case study: Clinical outcome of a large Police Department in Canada

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Join our speakers for a discussion and Q&A on the impact of sleep disorders for law enforcement, and the available solutions.

Lr Bradley Smith

Bradley Smith

Founder and CEO


Lr Maude Bouchard

Maude Bouchard, Ph.D.

Neuropsychologist and
Director of R&D